Musk Therapy

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"Close your eyes,
Smell and feel a new way of sensations, Experience the power of scent therapy.
Natural white sandalwood blended with an overdose of white and pink musk creates an ultra-addictive milky and velvety accord. The white magnolia activates the pleasure receptor while the cassis stimulates the energy, releasing a supplement of eroticism.

MUSK THERAPY, a magical mood enhancer, paves the way to relaxation and a state of well-being. Finally, a delightful alternative to artificial paradises and their illicit substances."


Main Accords: Citrus, Musky, Floral

Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, White Magnolia, Cassis, White Sandalwood. All Naturals White Musk, Rose Musk

Launch Year: 2021


Discovery SetTop Five Musky Perfumes


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Nice fragrance. Settles into a nice scent for everyday use.

    Shinko Tsuchiya
    Well done light musk

    Super clean, slightly powdery, but not baby powder. Definitely unisex, but still feminine as well. Think, the second before you get out of a shower when you can't be any cleaner. The dry down is soft and smells pretty on me. Slightly sweet, but still clean. Favorite so far. Longevity is decent. After 12 hours or so though, it becomes a skin scent, but STILL so good.

    What I wanted from MFK 724

    This is exactly what I wanted MFK 724 to be: A musky fresh scent with a slightly floral base. I love skin scents and musks but I'm extremely picky about them. MMM Lazy Sunday Morning was a fave of mine but the performance was TERRIBLE so I've been trying to find a replacement. Musk Therapy isn't that, but it's still beautiful nonetheless. It opens fresh and citrusy from the bergamot and mandarin. After about 20 minutes the mandarin is gone and the bergamot fades into the background and the florals and sandalwood start to shine through. The musk is there from start to finish

    This is not a powdery scent. Not a hint of talcum or baby wipes at all, its a smooth, milky musk. If you tried MFK724 or Byredo Blanche and found them to be too "clean" too much of an aldehyde or hospital vibe, try this one. To me, this is a safe blind buy. It will be hard to find someone offended by this but it's by no means generic or boring. It's made extremely well and where most other houses' musks fall flat and you have to reapply, you don't with MT.

    It's therapy you'll get for most of your day and you don't have to worry about the hourly rates!


    Smells good, but didn't last long on me.

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