Aphrodite's Pleasures

Size: 5 ml
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As the moonlight dances upon your skin, indulge in the seductive allure of Aphrodite's Pleasures discovery set. This curated collection unveils five enchanting fragrances, each crafted to embody the essence of love and passion. Let yourself be transported to a realm of sweet tenderness and captivating allure, where every scent whispers tales of desire. Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty encapsulated within these premium fragrances, as you embark on a journey of sensuality and romance. Surrender to the intoxicating notes that ignite the flames of passion within you, and let love envelop you in its embrace.


This Perfume Discovery Set is the result of a collaborative effort led by the esteemed perfume enthusiast and influencer, Andrea Charls, known as Curly Scents

Within this handpicked ensemble are five mesmerizing 5ML (0.17oz) scents:

Guidance by Amouage: A sensational fragrance that epitomizes love and intimacy with its alluring blend of floral, fruity, and warm notes, perfect for celebrating relationships.

Blanche Bete by Les Liquides Imaginaires: Blanche Bête by Les Liquides Imaginaires, artfully composed by perfumer Louise Turner, embraces love and connection through its harmonious fusion of milk, tuberose, and comforting vanilla and cacao undertones.

Ani by Nishane: A scents that celebrates love and connection with its harmonious blend of ginger, rose, and warm amber notes.

Mojave Ghost by Byredo:  A perfect romantic pick with its enchanting blend of floral, amber, and musky notes, creating a captivating, romantic fragrance that's sure to set the mood.

Atomic Rose by Initio: Atomic Rose's blend of exquisite roses, jasmine, and warm amber creates an enchanting and passionate aroma, making it an ideal choice for enhancing romantic moments and igniting love's spark.


Whether as a passionate gift for your beloved or a personal indulgence to ignite your seasonal shift, Aphrodite's Pleasure Discovery Set is a captivating addition to your perfume collection. Embrace the essence of love as each fragrance leads you on an enchanting journey together.



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    Customer Reviews

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    Sarah Alvarez
    Amazing set!

    All the fragrances in this set smell amazing! So happy with my purchase.

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