About Us

Luxury fragrances are an investment. When you’re shopping online, the description and list of key notes often do little to trigger your senses. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean finding the right scent online is impossible.

As a rapidly growing online perfume store, located in Houston/TX, Scentsgift.com aims to alleviate the pressure by providing a seamless shopping experience. Unlike other perfume retailers, our samples are hand decanted in beautiful, Instagram-worthy bottles and packaging. Available in various sizes, we guarantee they will look right at home on your vanity and also offer full-size versions of luxury brands when you’re ready to commit.

Scentsgift.com features a wide ever-expanding range of luxurious fragrances that everyone will love. Inspired by fragrance lovers everywhere, Scentsgift.com presents a passion for captivating scents and creating a priceless perfume-picking process (try saying that five times fast). At Scentsgift.com, we allow you to explore new fragrances and reminisce over familiar ones.

Whether you’re looking for your next signature scent or one to wear for a specific event, we guarantee you will find a perfume that brings out the best in you.