Musc Invisible

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 Following the success of Vanilla Vibes- a scent that showcased its titular ingredient in a simple, elegant, oh-so-wearable everyday fragrance- Romano Ricci has turned his sights to another beloved base note with Musc Invisible. Like vanilla, musk is a deceptively complex muse, with the capacity for both laundry-clean freshness and warm, sensual animalism.


Musc Invisible delivers an ample amount of the former and just the right amount of the latter, a delightfully clean, gently powdered cloud of floral musk with just the right amount of silky sexiness- a balance that Ricci describes as "the smell of clean skin just starting to sweat."


In other words, Musc Invisible is aptly named, a skin scent that lends such natural smoothness to the wearer that those around you might be forgiven for wondering if you just smell that good all the time. As fresh as a warm stack of just-folded linens, but undeniably, irresistibly sexy at the same time, Musc Invsible is the everyday musk you've been waiting for.


Main Accords: Jasmine

Top Notes: Cotton Flower

Heart Notes: White Musk

Base Notes: White Musk, Woody Notes, Amberwood, Ambrette

Launch Year: 2020



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