Ylang-ylang, an exotic and luxurious floral note, has been prized by perfumers for centuries. This rare and precious ingredient is derived from the flowers of the Cananga odorata tree, found in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia. Its seductive, sweet, and fruity scent is widely used in the fragrance industry, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to any perfume composition.

The process of extracting ylang-ylang oil is a laborious and meticulous task. The flowers are picked by hand in the early hours of the morning when their scent is at its peak. The petals are then subjected to steam distillation, producing a highly concentrated and potent essential oil. The first distillation yields the finest and most valuable grade of ylang-ylang oil, known as "extra," with a floral bouquet that is both delicate and complex.


In perfumery, ylang-ylang is often used as a top or middle note, lending its sweet, floral, and slightly fruity aroma to a variety of fragrance families. Its versatility and complexity make it a popular choice for romantic and formal occasions, as well as for everyday wear. The addition of ylang-ylang to a perfume composition can transform a fragrance into a work of art, adding depth, sensuality, and intrigue.

Those who appreciate luxurious and opulent fragrances with a touch of exoticism will find ylang-ylang to be a perfect addition to their fragrance collection. Its feminine and sensual nature make it particularly appealing to women, while its versatility allows it to be incorporated into men's fragrances as well. Whether worn during the day or in the evening, ylang-ylang is a scent that is sure to captivate and enchant.

Here is the top five niche tuberose fragrance 'hand-picked' by Scentsgift editorial team which you can purchase with a bundle discount here.


1- Ylang 49 by Le Labo

Le Labo's Ylang 49 is a luxurious and seductive fragrance that highlights the ylang-ylang note with a modern twist. The ylang-ylang flower is the star of the show in this perfume, lending its sweet and heady aroma to the composition. Its floral nature is complemented by hints of patchouli, oakmoss, and vetiver, creating a complex and alluring scent that is perfect for formal or romantic occasions. Those who appreciate unique and sophisticated fragrances with a touch of sensuality will fall in love with Ylang 49. It's an excellent choice for those who enjoy floral fragrances with depth and complexity.


2- Ylang in Gold by M. Micallef

Ylang in Gold by M. Micallef is a rich and opulent fragrance that features ylang-ylang as a prominent note. The ylang-ylang flower is blended with other exotic floral notes, such as jasmine and tuberose, to create a heady and intoxicating scent. The fragrance is finished with a warm and woody base, including notes of vanilla and sandalwood. Ylang in Gold is perfect for special occasions, such as weddings or formal events, where the wearer wants to make a statement. Those who love bold and luxurious floral fragrances will adore Ylang in Gold, as it is a true masterpiece in the world of perfumery.


3- Safanad by Parfums de Marly

Safanad by Parfums de Marly is a captivating fragrance that features ylang-ylang as one of its primary notes. The ylang-ylang is blended with other floral notes, including iris and orange blossom, creating a sweet and powdery aroma. The fragrance is further enhanced with base notes of vanilla and sandalwood, which add depth and richness to the composition. Safanad is perfect for evening wear or special occasions, where the wearer wants to make an impression. Those who appreciate elegant and sophisticated floral fragrances will love Safanad, as it is a beautifully crafted perfume that exudes luxury and refinement.


4- Cosmos Flowers by Clive Christian

Cosmos Flowers by Clive Christian is an exquisite fragrance that features ylang-ylang as one of its main notes. The sensuous ylang-ylang is blended with other intoxicating floral notes, including jasmine and narcissus, creating a beautifully seductive and complex scent that is both feminine and alluring. The fragrance is further elevated with notes of creamy sandalwood and rich vanilla, adding a warm and sensual depth to the composition. Cosmos Flowers is the perfect choice for intimate or romantic occasions, where the wearer wants to make a lasting impression. Those who appreciate luxurious and sophisticated floral fragrances will fall head over heels for Cosmos Flowers, as it is a truly indulgent perfume that exudes sensuality and refinement.


5- Eau Moheli by Diptyque


Diptyque's Eau Moheli is a beautiful fragrance that celebrates the floral notes of the ylang-ylang flower. Ylang-ylang is a sweet and slightly spicy scent that is reminiscent of jasmine and banana. In Eau Moheli, it is blended with other floral notes such as patchouli and pink pepper, creating a beautiful and uplifting scent.

This fragrance is perfect for any occasion, from a casual day out to a romantic evening dinner. It is perfect for anyone who loves the scent of floral fragrances, especially those who appreciate ylang-ylang. Its versatility also makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer to have a signature scent that they can wear every day. With its long-lasting and alluring fragrance, Eau Moheli by Diptyque is a must-try for anyone who loves floral fragrances


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