Tuberose, also known as Polianthes tuberosa, is a perennial flowering plant native to Mexico. It has been used in perfumery for centuries due to its intensely fragrant and heady scent. Tuberose is commonly used in floral perfumes, adding depth, richness, and sensuality to the fragrance. In this article, we will explore the origin, process, feels, when to wear, and who might like it.

Origin: Tuberose has a long history of use in traditional medicine and perfumery in Mexico, where it is known as "nardo." It was introduced to Europe in the 16th century and quickly became a favorite of perfumers due to its intense fragrance. Today, it is primarily cultivated in India, Morocco, and France.

Process: Tuberose is a labor-intensive crop to cultivate and extract. The flowers are hand-picked at night when their fragrance is most intense and distilled using solvents or steam distillation to extract the essential oil. It takes around 3,600 kg of flowers to produce just 1 kg of essential oil, making it one of the most expensive floral essential oils in perfumery.

Feels: Tuberose has a rich, creamy, and intensely floral scent with sweet, spicy, and slightly animalic undertones. It is a heady and opulent fragrance that can be overwhelming in large doses, but when used in the right balance, it can add a luxurious and sensual feel to a perfume.

When to wear: Tuberose is a fragrance that is best suited for evening wear and special occasions. It is a bold and daring scent that can make a statement and leave a lasting impression. It is also a popular note in bridal perfumes, as it symbolizes sensuality, beauty, and elegance.

Who might like it: Tuberose is a fragrance for those who love rich and opulent scents. It is often described as a "love it or hate it" fragrance, as its intense and heady scent can be polarizing. If you enjoy floral fragrances with a strong personality and an alluring sensuality, then tuberose perfumes might be the perfect fit for you.

 Here is our top five tuberose niche perfumes hand-picked by Scentsgift editorial team which you can buy with a bundle discount here.


1- Tuberoza by Nishane

Exuding elegance and sophistication, Tuberoza is a heady floral perfume dominated by the captivating note of tuberose. Its top notes are an enchanting mix of Indian tuberose and Bulgarian rose, weaving a lush, floral introduction. The heart notes feature Turkish tuberose and gardenia, contributing to a creamy, intoxicating depth. The perfume rounds off with the grounding warmth of musk and sandalwood base notes.

Tuberose's rich, slightly sweet and somewhat spicy scent imparts a sense of mystery and exotic allure. The perfume's intensity and opulence make it a perfect fit for evening events and special occasions in cooler weather. Favored by those who appreciate bold, floral scents, Tuberoza holds a special place in many hearts.


2- Tuberose Angelica by Jo Malone

Jo Malone's Tuberose Angelica is a fascinating blend where the potent, alluring note of tuberose meets the verdant freshness of angelica. The fragrance opens with the green and herbaceous tones of angelica, which create a crisp and unique prelude to the scent journey. The heart is formed by the intoxicating tuberose, a rich, heady flower that adds a layer of creamy opulence to the fragrance. The composition settles into a warm and sensual base of amberwood, which adds depth and longevity.

This perfume is a delicate balance of floral decadence and fresh crispness. Its radiant tuberose note, coupled with the green, almost celery-like character of angelica, creates a distinctive blend. This scent is for those who dare to deviate from the traditional and seek a floral perfume with a twist.

Its rich yet fresh nature makes Tuberose Angelica versatile for both day and evening wear, and it is particularly well suited for cooler seasons, when its warmth can truly shine.


 3- Tubereuse Imperiale by BDK

BDK's Tubereuse Imperiale is an enthralling blend, spotlighting the entrancing tuberose. The fragrance opens with an invigorating mix of bergamot and pink berries, leading to the heart of the perfume, where tuberose intermingles with jasmine and ylang-ylang. These notes create a creamy, sensual heart, which is finally grounded in the comforting warmth of benzoin, cashmeran, and patchouli.

Tubereuse Imperiale masterfully balances fresh and warm, floral and spicy notes. It's an enticing choice for those who admire tuberose's allure but seek a unique interpretation. With its full-bodied nature and warm base notes, this scent is ideally suited for daytime wear. Its depth and complexity also make it an elegant choice for special occasions, adding an extra layer of sophistication and allure to any event.


4- Tubereuse 3 Animale by Histories de Parfums

Histories de Parfums' Tubereuse 3 Animale is an olfactory symphony that foregrounds the mesmerizing allure of tuberose. The initial notes of tuberose, kumquat, and prune create a unique, invigorating overture, awakening the senses. The core of the composition is a floral mélange of tuberose, jasmine, and gardenia, culminating in a voluptuous, creamy, and intoxicating heart. This captivating blend descends into the resounding finale of a warm and comforting base of tobacco, musk, and immortelle.

Tubereuse 3 Animale strikes a balance between the untamed and the elegant, the floral and the animalic. Its seductive tuberose note is offset by an earthy, robust backdrop, appealing to those who appreciate the audacity of tuberose but crave a distinctive interpretation.

With its complex, full-bodied character and animalic undertones, Tubereuse 3 Animale is perfectly suited for daytime wear. Its multi-faceted nature makes it an exceptional selection for special occasions, where it imparts an extra veneer of sophistication and exotic charm.


5- Lady Tubereuse by Moresque

Moresque's Lady Tubereuse is a captivating ballet of aromas, spotlighting the enigmatic tuberose. The fragrance commences with an effervescent prelude of bergamot and green leaves, setting a refreshing stage. At the heart of the perfume, tuberose intertwines with jasmine and rose, crafting a luscious, creamy, and deeply sensual bouquet. This beguiling medley concludes with a comforting base of sandalwood, vanilla, and musk, lending a warm, inviting touch.

Lady Tubereuse merges contrasts, from fresh to warm, green to creamy, embodying a unique blend of elegance and spontaneity. The voluptuous tuberose note, matched with an exotic, earthy backdrop, intrigues those who admire the mystique of tuberose but seek a distinct twist.

With its rich, full-bodied nature and warm base notes, Lady Tubereuse is an ideal companion for daytime wear. Its depth and complexity additionally make it a sublime choice for special occasions, lending a sophisticated and enchanting aura to any event.

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